Our Roots


New Earth Solutions, a small design firm from Guelph, Ontario set out on a mission to improve the health of our indoor environments through a connection to nature. It began with designing and constructing large commercial living walls with architects, engineers and designers.

Big living wall in modern commercial lobby made by new earth solutions

Specialists in commercial plant wall installations since 2018, New Earth Solutions recognized a growing trend in employees moving to permanent remote positions. Ultimately, this shift forced homes to become spaces for both work and play. People were being challenged to optimize their space for both requirements. Living walls have proved to be a valuable aid not only in better productivity and improved well being but also providing purified air. New Earth Solutions is answering the call from consumers to bring this innovative filtration solution into the home. This is how Respira came to be.

The air purifying garden that takes care of itself

 Never before has plant care been this easy and air purification been this natural.

The air purifying garden that takes care of itself. A hydroponic smart garden that optimizes the plants ability to remove indoor pollutants from your home through the science of biofiltration.