Respira is the connection between the restorative natural world and your life indoors.

Respira is the Smart garden that purifies the air in your home using biofiltration. While Respira aerates, experience how clean air in the company of plants makes you flourish.


Respira is more than a product,
it's a lifestyle connected to the natural world

Our Mission

To Design Healthier indoor spaces through a connection to nature

Our community is planting the seeds for the next generation of clean air technology.

After Respira’s initial success on Kickstarter, we've moved to Indiegogo Indemand to fund the next generation. Respira sales through our website are currently suspended until we reach our goal. To learn more about the campaign and our goals, check out our FAQ page or visit us on Indiegogo.

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Rooted in nature backed by science

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Setting Goals for 2021

Setting Goals for 2021

Written by Dylan Robertson (Co-founder) For the better half of my life I have been setting goals. Early on, I would make big proclamations, to any...

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More than a sustainable and environmentally conscious air purifying solution.

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