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When was the last time you went indoors for fresh air?

The air-purifying smart garden that takes care of itself.

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Breathe Better Air

Respira is a hydroponic smart garden that purifies the air in your home using the science of biofiltration. The pre-filter first captures dust & large particles, then air is pulled into the roots of the plants, where a build-up of microbiome permanently destroys volatile organic compounds within 300 square feet. All you need is power and 13 plants to get going.

Available in two colours.

Breathe life back into your home

Naturally purify your air

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Set It & Forget It

Self-watering. Self-lighting. Self-feeding.


Simplifying Indoor Gardening

Never kill your plants again.

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Improved Air Quality

Beyond larger particles like dust & pet dander, Respira also captures & removes things we can't see like gasses, toxins & odors.⁠

Enriched Wellbeing

We spend 90% of our time indoors. Respira provides a direct connection to nature & naturally purified air for your indoor space.

Low Maintenance

You only need to refill the nutrients every 3 months & the water basin every 2-4 weeks. Respira does the rest.

Natural Beauty

Unlike other air purifiers, Respira is made to be showcased. It's living breathing art, acting as a living wall feature.

Breathing life back into your space

No green thumb? Limited floor space or natural light? Respira is self-watering, self-feeding and self-lighting. Monitor everything from your phone as Respira blossoms & eliminates harmful toxins from up to 300 square feet.

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I have been looking for a plant wall solution. This one is well thought through and nicely made. I also care about air quality and bringing more nature indoors.

Its beautiful and requires less care to maintain than my regular houseplants!

I love plants but have trouble keeping them alive. I also keep pets in the home so air purifying is fantastic especially with pet friendly plants! (I had been looking at the Dyson).


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The intersection of nature and technology

Where did you think all the clean air was coming from?

explore our roots

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