Respira is the smart garden, an air purifier for sustainable healthy indoors

Respira is the connection between the restorative natural world and your life indoors.

Respira is the fully automated smart garden that purifies the air in your home using biofiltration. While Respira aerates, experience how clean air in the company of plants improves the health of your indoor environment.

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Respira is more than a product,
it's a lifestyle connected to the natural world

Our Mission

To Design Healthier indoor spaces through a connection to nature

Our community is planting the seeds for the next generation of clean air technology.

Our goal is to progress the world towards using green sustainable solutions that enhance our lives and connect us with nature. Respira is an ecological air purifier that uses the power of nature and biophilic design to improve the health of the spaces we occupy. This system was created with a reusable pre-filter and a forward compatible design to help reduce the amount of disposable air filters and waste that end up in landfills. Join us in making the world a greener and more sustainable place.

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Colour Options

White Respira unit with stainless steel stand and energy efficient LED grow light

Pearl White

Black Respira unit with Pothos plant palette, stainless steel stand, and energy efficient LED grow light

Matte Black

Choose A palette

White Respira unit with Tropical plant palette
Black Respira unit with Pothos plant palette
White Respira unit with Vibrant plant palette
White Respira unit with Pet-Friendly plant palette
Free nutrients refill package for respira smart garden

Free Nutrient Bags with the first order

Popular Accessories

White Respira unit
LED Grow Light
Black Respira unit with stainless steel stand

Academic Research

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