Respira is the first home air purifier that unifies botany with advanced Smart technology.

Respira uses the most reliable and evolved air purification technology, plants. We’ve brought their organic and simple techniques into a Smart garden that takes care of itself. By making this trusted method of air purification accessible for your home and your busy schedule, you'll never tire of the holistic rejuvenating effects plants have on your mind and body.

What’s next for us?

Our community is planting the seeds for the next generation of clean air technology.

Planting the seeds for the next generation of clean air technology.

After Respira’s initial success on Kickstarter, we've moved to Indiegogo Indemand to fund the next generation

Sales on our website are currently suspended until we reach our goal. To learn more about the campaign and our goals, check out our FAQ page or visit us on Indiegogo.

How does it work?

Plants are grown in Respira’s Smart hydroponic living wall, which actively pulls air through the biologically active zone of bare rooted plants. Biofilm, containing Microbial bacteria living in the rootzone of the plants, captures and breaks down toxins in the air. Purified air is then released from the wall, adding evaporative cooling and humidity to improve the quality of your living space. Easily monitor and control Respira from your devices.

The Science of Respira

Respira takes care of you by taking care of your environment.

Enriched Well-Being

Growing plants in your home has calming and rejuvenating effects on your mind. Studies show that houseplants can improve your mental health by reducing stress. They’re known to boost moods by promoting mindfulness and asking us to appreciate the small things happening in our environment.

Improved Air Quality

Respira improves the quality of air in your home by pulling air through the rootzone of your plants. Microbial bacteria and biofilm living in the rootzone of the plants captures and breaks down toxins in the air. Our indoor air affects our brains, our respiratory systems and our nervous systems. Poor indoor air quality is linked to disturbed sleep and lung conditions, such as asthma and COPD.

Low Maintenance

Plants can be hard to take care of. You don’t need a green thumb to feel the benefits of your Respira garden thriving. All of our plants are bare rooted to maximize the biofiltration in the rootzone, meaning there’s no soil needed to start growing. On top of easy set up, Respira will water, feed and light itself to ensure your plants are always flourishing.

Smart Garden

Each Respira is fitted with a series of sensors that monitor data related to the well-being of your plants and the quality of air in your home. This data helps Respira to run itself and alert you if it needs attention. Easily monitor your plants and make adjustments from the LCD touch screen on the living wall. You can also control and check system performance when out of the house on our app.

Natural Beauty

We evolved with plants around us. They nurtured us throughout history and provided us with security. The connection between peace of mind and plants is hardwired into the human brain. Having plants in the home is a simple and beautiful way of connecting to your roots.

Full Control

Monitor Plant Health

Real Time Air Quality Tracking

Water level, Nutrients and Light Alerts

Fan, Pump and LED control

Light Schedule Management

Smart Modes

Air purification Mode
Maximize the rate of air purification by utilizing an optimized rhythm of water and air flow that’s particular for your plant palette.

Water Conservation Mode
Perfect when leaving you house for an extended period. Reduce water flow and disable fan to maintain plants health as long as possible. (Up to number of days)

Manual Mode
Directly control the fan, LEDs and water pump from the python app or from the Respirating unit touch screen

We have the solution to healthy indoor environments.

Clean air is imperative for our minds and bodies to perform their best. Purifying the air in your home doesn’t need to consume massive quantities of energy or produce waste. All we need is plants.
We made Respira simple so that anyone, regardless of how many times their houseplants have expired, can experience the benefits of a flourishing indoor garden.



Carefully selected palettes. Each palette incorporates an optimized set of plant care settings


Tropical plants can transform your space into a tropical paradise. These lush plants are hearty and thrive in low light conditions. This assortment is ideal for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the warm comforts of their favourite vacation spot.


This assorted Pothos Palette will come with Devils Ivy, Golden Pothos, Marble Queen and Jade Pothos. They’re durable plants that will grow downward. Watch them draw paths down your walls or weave themselves around any obstacle. Their beauty is timeless and dynamic.


This vibrant assortment of plants is poised to breathe life and energy into your space. The spectrum of colours promotes positivity and creative thinking.
These plants have a strong personality that you’ll love to watch flourish.

Design Your Own!

For those of you that would like to test your green thumb and explore the boundaries of botany, design your own custom plant palette and watch it flourish. Experience fulfilment, starting your own garden. 4” tropical plants are all you need to begin.

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