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Plant Palette
Now Offering Satisfaction Guarantee To Pre-Orders

We're now offering all of our pre-orders a satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you aren't 100% happy with your Respira upon arrival, you can return your Respira and get your money back within the first 30 days of your product arrival! Also, if any of our plants die during shipment or within the first 30 days we will send you replacement plants free of charge. We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with their Respira!

Enjoy the refreshing and calming effects of nature, actively purifying the air you breathe without you having to worry about whether they've had enough water, light or nutrients. 

Empower Nature
- Water once every 10 days
- Add nutrients every 6 months

Improve your health
- Patented biofiltration process so you feel healthier, by breathing naturally purified air
- Meticulous contemporary design to seamlessly integrate the magic and wonder of Respira into any space
- Clean, Crisp Ultra White or Matte Black to accentuate the beauty of your plants
- Automated Controller with 8 sensors measuring air, water and plant quality, removing the guesswork of plant care
- Web access to monitor your unit on the go
- Intuitive 5" LCD screen to manage settings and unit updates 
- Reusable pre filter to maximize system performance and carefully remove any large dust or particles.
- FSC certified bamboo tray for intuitive watering experience 

What's Included? 
- (1) Respira unit
- Web app & Automated controller 
- 6 Months of nutrients (Free)
- Wall mount 
- 24 month Limited Warranty 
- Simple set up instructions 

The Unit
- Weighs 21lbs
- Dimensions  39in H x 19in W x 6in Depth