High Efficiency LED Grow Light

High Efficiency LED Grow Light

A carefully crafted, energy efficient LED grow light to allow you more freedom and flexibility on where you plant your garden.

A carefully crafted, energy efficient automated LED grow light
Use Cases
  • Indirect or low light rooms 
  • Natural light exposure is less than 8 hours 
  • To light up the feature as an art piece in your home
Your Benefits
  • Automated timer to maintain proper light levels 
  • Easy install, no electrical experience required
  • Minimalist design
  • Full spectrum light for your plants health
  • Lamp shade cover to avoid any reflection of light into the immediate space
Detailed Description
  • Carefully crafted extendable lamp neck to compensate for growth of living wall
  • Easily installed driver using USB plug into unit
  • Plastic lamp shade cover to provide directional light onto the unit
  • Automated timer for easy use and optimal lighting schedules 
  • Clean minimalist design 
  • Full spectrum red and green light for optimal plant growth